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My name is Narelle and I have been besotted by the Samoyed breed since I was a young girl. I brought home my very first Samoyed back in 1999. Her name was Lily and she is forever in my heart. Lily and I powered through first jobs, first loves and lots of life. Lily left a lasting legacy and to date we have made many more families happy with the love only a Samoyed can bring.

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What we pride ourselves on

Welcome to Sashenka Samoyeds!

We have owned and bred quality show standard pedigree Samoyeds for over 20 years. We take pride in placing our beautiful puppies in their best forever homes. We are a boutique breeding kennel and put emphasis on life long support for you and your puppy. Our Samoyeds and their puppies are raised in a loving and caring family environment so that you assured a well balanced and socialised puppy. We vigorously health test our breeding dogs and are proud of our results.

We are a family.....

fur and all!

we are involved in Hip Dysplasia Research Studies based in the USA

Our pups are sought after by international breeders and domestic alike

If two dogs blow their coats at the same time its like a snow storm in the house and no one is escaping unscathed!