The why of it?

"My unwavering love of the breed and the wish to bring joy to other families with the Samoyed's truly magnificent personality and presence is what drives me to pursue the very best health tests and breed standards in our sashenka Pack."

—Narelle 'Pack Leader'

But don't you get upset when the puppies leave?

"Yes of course!........

But also no! I am always thrilled to see the joy & delight on first time puppy owners faces when picking up their new bundles of floof. Then there are the veteran dog owners on the other hand, shedding a tear with pure happiness. There is nothing like it! Honestly! We are just truly blessed to have such amazing families who want to be a part of The Pack. Knowing that our pups are going to only the best of homes allows us the rest easy and besides.....there are always puppy play dates to organise!"

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